• L'Atelier de Pablo Flaiszman et ses ombres errantes

    L'Atelier de Pablo Flaiszman et ses ombres errantes


Pablo Flaiszman' Studio and His Wandering Shadows

Artist・ Pablo Flaiszman
Technique・ Aquatinte
Length・ 26 minutes, HD
Language・ French
Subtitles・ ---
Date of production・ November 2016
Direction・ Bertrand Renaudineau


The workshop of Pablo Flaiszman, in Paris’ 18 th district, is a place pulsing with life, so as not to say haunted. Faces stare out from all over the white walls of the two large and impeccably-organized adjoining rooms: a close-up and some very large prints of a man and a woman; self-portraits; groups of people dressed in black, frozen in the middle of strange family rituals that seem to go on forever… Further on, a man watches a little girl, while another seems to dwarf the small figures sitting on a low wall at the back of courtyard.

It is here, surrounded by this familiar - often benevolent, sometimes disturbing - presence that the engraver captures light and shadow on his zinc or copper plate. Thanks to his sharp skills in aquatint, he creates a subtle hide-and-seek of vanishing silhouettes, engulfed by the depth of a far-off shadow or the blinding backlight of a window. For him, aquatint, like watercolors, plays on transparency; it is the art of the vanishing. In such a place, anything is possible: ghosts come to life and fleeting visions materialize into printed images with a disquieting strangeness that was dear to Freud.