• The Studio of Lise Follier-Morales and Maxime Préaud

    The Studio of Lise Follier-Morales and Maxime Préaud


The Studio of Lise Follier-Morales and Maxime Préaud

Artist・ Lise Follier-Morales and Maxime Préaud
Technique・ Intaglio, Relief printing
Length・ 26 minute, HD
Language・ French
Subtitles・ ---
Date of production・ September 2015
Direction・ Bertrand Renaudineau


Hidden deep within Paris' thirteenth arrondissement, between the elevated metro tracks and banks of modern buildings that haven't completely destroyed the mood of this Old Paris neighbourhood, lies a studio unlike any other: the studio of Lise Follier-Morales and Maxime Préaud.

Beneath the shadow of an anatomical skeleton, in the midst of masks, statues, and iron figurines that dance on the ceiling, not to mention to the presses for engravings, a typographical press and other innumerable objects, the artists experiment with the many different technical possibilities of engraving, including dry point and engraving on copper plates, Plexiglas or cardboard; lost-plate linocuts and dominography. “The most important thing,” explains Maxime Préaud, “is to produce images that in theory are reproducible as exact replicas if we want, but not necessarily...”

In this creative laboratory, Lise engraves pilgrims and feathered animals and Maxime makes unique still lifes: garbage bags, coffee pots, coats and shoes. Under the camera's eye, they will create a vanitas together, Tamara's Shoes, using some of their innovative techniquInes.