• The Rue Transnonain Massacre

    The Rue Transnonain Massacre

    Honoré Daumier


The Rue Transnonain Massacre

Honoré Daumier
Artist・ Honoré Daumier (1808-1879)
Technique・ Lithography
Length・ 47 minute, HD
Language・ French
Subtitles・ English
Date of production・ April 2021
Direction・ Bertrand Renaudineau and Gérard-Emmanuel da Silva


Following the Parisian insurrection of April 13-14, 1834, the residents of the building at 12 rue Transnonain (today the rue Beaubourg), were massacred as punishment for a shot fired on an officer from a neighboring building. Published in the press and exhibited in shop windows, Daumier’s lithograph both witnesses and protests against this bloody police repression. It amplified the event and represents a summit of his art.