• Devorah Boxer's Studio

    Devorah Boxer's Studio


Devorah Boxer's Studio

Artist・ Devorah Boxer
Technique・ Intaglio
Length・ 20 minute, HD
Language・ French
Subtitles・ ---
Date of production・ June 2014
Direction・ Bertrand Renaudineau


Devorah Boxer's studio, located in a calm, dead-end street in Montparnasse, is filled with industrial and everyday tools that had prior lives which are revealed to us by the artist: caps to be placed on fire hydrants, “draining shoes” to dig peat with, or hedgehogs shivering with quills used by chimney sweeps. These odd, shimmering instruments that play with light and shadow pose problems to the engraver. For the camera, she attempts to find a solution to capture their piquancy and their charm on the plate with etching, dry point, and aquatint.

For this artist, who has worked for over fifty years in this studio, objects are as expressive and unsettled as a landscape or a human face. Her art consists not so much in rendering their reality, but in revealing their deep personality, their “humanity.”