• Nathalie Grall's Studio

    Nathalie Grall's Studio


Nathalie Grall's Studio

Artist・ Nathalie Grall
Technique・ Engraver
Length・ 20 minute, HD
Language・ French
Subtitles・ Japanese (only download version)
Date of production・ November 2014
Direction・ Bertrand Renaudineau


Beneath the rooftops of Lille, Nathalie Grall's studio is a treasure trove of images and suspended objects. In this bright room, a creator's lair, frogs that look like little girls with their long, thin legs brush up against beans and seeds, mushrooms and birds, fans and children's drawings.

It is here, in this strange floating world, that the artist, after letting her brush sweep across the copper plate, engraves her images, evanescent like the caress of wings. Fantastic animals, umbrellas and butterflies, flowers that watch you, fisherman's silhouette sliding by on a stationary boat, lakeside landscapes, very haughty donkeys, roosters and owls...

An entire fragile universe of shivers and flight, of beauty and escapades, which she manages to capture in the copper, saving it from disappearance.