• Red China in black and white

    Red China in black and white

    Hu Jie, filmmaker and engraver

Red China in black and white

HU Jie
Artist・ HU Jie
Technique・ wood engraving
Length・ 54 minutes
Language・ Chinese
Subtitles・ English
Date of production・ 2019
Direction・ Bertrand Renaudineau and Gérard da Silva

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Hu Jie is an independent Chinese filmmaker who lives and works in Nanjin. But he is also an engraver with both power and originality.

A master of wood engraving, Hu Jie breathes new life into the expressionist tradition of Kathe Kollwitz, originally popularized in China by Lu Xun, in his works — including those produced in Paris for this film — Hu Jie recreates terrifying moments of organized crimes against the Chinese people during the famine of the Great-Leap-Forward and the Cultural Revolution.